Angelina from Suango School receiving her Player of the Match Trophy

The official grand final of the Ridgway Blake SEPSSA competition was held on the 19th of April which saw finalists battle it out to be the winners of their respective categories.

In the girls’ category final, Suango School went head to head with Central school in category A and Suango school’s category B girls took on Vila East’s category B girls. Suango School and Vila East also tackled each other in the boys’ category A final while Saint Jean D’Arc played Prima School in the boys’ category B.

“I would like to thank the head teachers of each participating school for allowing their students to participate and I am very happy with the quality of cricket the schools have displayed and their positive attitude towards the sport in general” remarked Vanuatu Cricket Development Supervisor, Natalie Hava.

The worthy champions of the SEPSSA cricket competition are Central school who claimed the girls’ category A trophy, Suango School who showed their dominance by securing the category A boys and category B girls’ trophies and finally Saint Jean D’Arc who earned the boys’ category B trophy. Player of the match trophies were also awarded to one player from each category for their overall performance during the finals. Angelina (Suango), Steve (Vila East), Susan Stephens (Vila East) and Saling Meltetake (St. Jean D’Arc) were the deserving recipients of the player of the match trophies.

“On behalf of Vanuatu Cricket and the Development team I would like to acknowledge our main sponsor Ridgway Blake Lawyers for their sponsorship and constant support towards cricket which played a very big part in the success of this SEPSSA competition. We are also looking forward to organizing similar competitions in the future,” concludes development supervisor, Natalie Hava.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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