Vanuatu Cricket Association’s (VCA) 22 year old opening batsman Joshua Rasu has returned from his first experience playing professionally in Europe.

Rasu played for the HBS-Craeyenhout Club in who competed in The Hague’s KNCB (Dutch Cricket) League for three months.

The team became champions and Josh played a big part in the title deciding game scoring 92 out of the teams 180 runs to win the league.

“It was a great opportunity to play with and against so many international players who play cricket as a profession and at a higher standard,” Rasu said on his return.

“There were many challenges for me on the field as the conditions were so different compared to Vanuatu.

The weather was cold and the pitch very different to playing in Vanuatu. I had to adapt my style which was the biggest challenge but it was fun trying to adapt and play well for the team.

“I had to perform and make runs for them and everybody is watching what you are doing. You have to show them you can play and have an understanding of what should be done in games so they will like you.

I had to prove they aren’t wasting money on you.”

Living in another country is always a challenge for a young man especially where it is such a different way of life, living conditions and language.

Rasu was asked about his life living in Holland. “I had many challenges but it is beautiful country and an exciting place to live.

Everybody rides bikes everywhere because the country is flat and it is easier to ride then travel in a car.

The people are very cool and relaxed and I made lots of life time friends but at times they would speak Dutch to each other and I never knew what they were saying. It is a hard language to understand,” Rasu said.

Daily Sport understands VCA’s Patrick Matautaava has been playing a starring role as overseas professional for English Club Tynedale in Newcastle the north of England.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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