The 2017 NCD Cup Champions, Tafea FC

Port Vila Football Association annual Non Communicable Disease (NCD) Cup is underway at the moment.

The program has been going on since 2016 and this year 2018 is expected to further this program in all 3 settings of football league in the capital: Premiere Division, 1st Division and 2nd Division.

The whole of this campaign is a joint effort between the Ministry of Health and the Port Vila football Association.

The Public Health Department has in its business plan for 2018 a continuous sports event for the campaign of Tobacco free tournament with the budget of 400,000vt to support this event.

The NCD unit at the Public Health Department is already running awareness throughout the sports event, advocating on the major four risk factors: Tobacco smoking, harmful alcohol, unhealthy diet and lack of Physical activity.

The Ministry Of Health is expecting a MOU with the Port Vila Association in campaigning against the tobacco smoking and other NCD related factors through sports and physical activity, is a positive preference for the urban setting.

The tournament has already kicked off and will end on the 30th of July, 2018. 

This weekend’s schedule, Saturday July 7th, will see the matches being played at the Korman Stadium and Port Vila Stadium.

At the Korman Stadium, 9am, will see Torba United taking on Black Diamond FC, 12pm, Erakor Golden Star play Pango GB FC and 3pm, Mauwia playing Narak FC.

At the Port Vila Stadium from 11am to 3pm. Varona play Kings United, Shepherds United FC play North Efate United and Tupuji Imere playing neighbours, Mauriki.

According to NCD step survey report in 2012, NCD outcome indicates a 90% of the general population is unhealthy.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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