Digicel is the new official sponsor for Port Vila Football Association. Yesterday afternoon at the Digicel Head office at Ellouck

, saw an historical signing between Digicel Vanuatu and Port Vila Football Association.

The signing will now see branding name change, from Telecom Vanuatu Limited to Digicel Port Vila Football Association Championship.

The Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) now stands to receive Vt6 Million from Digicel over a period of three years, that is Vt2 Million for a season.

The signing also will see Port Vila Stadium walls especially will soon see Digicel Branding on the walls, and the funding will cater for the first, second and premier division.

“Without sponsors it is difficult for sports in the country to move forward,” PVFA Stephen Felix in his remarks at the signing, said.

“Thank you to Digicel for taking this challenge in stepping forward, as it will be an ice breaker, as a lot of business houses will look to step up to the ‘plate’.

“We thank you again Digicel for taking on this challenge.”

“We are very happy and pleased to be the main sponsor of the Port Vila Football Association,” Digicel Vanuatu CEO Yaser Maher said. “Football is the number one sport in Vanuatu, and we are happy to support.

“We started our football sponsorship with Digicel Amicale FC, and we hope that there will be more benefits coming towards PVFA with the agreement.

“We are very happy and looking forward to support PVFA now and in the future.

“We thank you for trusting Digicel, and we know we will be able to meet the expectations.”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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