Van2017 is proud to introduce to you a new member of its staff:

Sasha Zahra

“We are delighted to have appointed highly experienced producer and festival director Sasha Zahra to head up the team and bring her expertise

to the ceremonies”, said Van2017 CEO Clint Flood.

Highly experienced Australian Fe s t i v a l Producer, Sasha Zahra, with her long term connections to Vanuatu through Wan Smolbag Theatre (WSB), has been appointed as Executive Producer of the Opening and closing Ceremonies for the Pacific Mini Games.

Sasha Zahra who was previously the Creative Producer of Australia’s

largest arts festival, Adelaide Fringe (2009 – 2015), first came to Vanuatu for 7 months in 2004 to work with Wan Smolbag Theatre. She has since maintained a projectbased relationship with the company, returning

most years to work on special projects and events with the company.

Sasha produced and programmed the highly successful 2009 and 2014

Wan Smolbag Theatre Festivals in Vanuatu, in celebration of the

company’s 20th and 25th Anniversary, respectively. Sasha will head up the

ceremonies production team, which will include Vanuatu locals Brigitte

Laboukly, Yvonne Taiki, Alpha Solong, Rik Hinton, Marc Morel, Marc Gerard,

and an artistic directorate consisting of key Wan Smolbag Theatre staff.

The Van2017 Pacific Mini Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies are

designed to capture and portray the essence and excitement of the Games

as well as the cultural vitality of Vanuatu. The ceremonies will be staged

live as well as broadcasted locally and internationally on TV, showcasing Port Vila and Vanuatu to the world, while welcoming and celebrating athletes from across the Pacific region.

“The Ceremonies are an opportunity to showcase and celebrate leading and up and coming local artists working in both traditional and contemporary genres. I am delighted to be given this opportunity to work

alongside Wan Smolbag Theatre and the Van2017 team to put on this exciting event and showcase local talent on an international stage”, stated Van2017 Ceremonies Executive Producer Sasha Zahra

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