Vanuatu Cricket development officers in Santo organized and ran a Talent ID week to uncover hidden talents waiting to be discovered in Santo.

The main purpose of this cricket talent ID week is to focus on identifying young talented cricketers and to work on developing their skills and talents to better suit the game of cricket.

A total of 20 students from Sarakata Centre School, Sarakata SDA School, Santo Christian School, St. Therese and Santo East participated in the one week of talent ID with the sole purpose to show their cricketing skills and talents.

All participants have been handpicked and selected according to their performance in the U15 Deco Stop Cricket Competition which is still ongoing in Santo.

Selection was based on players’ interest in cricket as a sport, current level of skills and knowledge of cricket, total runs scored in the competition so far for potential batsmen and total number of wickets taken so far in the competition by potential bowlers.

During the one week, selected participants worked on improving their skills in handling and using a cricket bat, fielding and catching techniques, bowling techniques and understanding the overall concept of the game in terms of rules and how a proper cricket match is played.

“The Talent ID week was a success and we have seen immense growth and improvement in the game techniques and skills for each participants with some participants showing real potential to become good cricketers in the future if trained well,” commented Santo Cricket Development Officer Brisit Malisa.

“We are looking forward to a positive future for cricket in Santo because the amount of talent and passion we have seen and witnessed is unbelievable which makes us excited for what the future holds for these young cricket enthusiasts.”

Malisa then concludes to say that they would like to acknowledge all individuals involved along with the VCA for allowing this program to go ahead as it has helped uncover the hidden talents of some very talented cricketers in Santo.

This Cricket Outreach Development Program is funded by the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership Program and the VCA would like to acknowledge their support which is enabling the VCA to bring Cricket to Children in other parts of Vanuatu.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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