Woman’s Football Funday

H4F bae hemi hostem long tedei Sarere Women’s Football Fun Day long Amicale fil.

Fun day ia bae hemi stat nao long 9 oklok long moning kasem long 12 oklok long medel dei. Julia Kings we bae hem nao hemi organaisem program ia hemi talem se, “bae mifala I hostem wan female fun football day, so sapose u wan woman we yu bin stap play football, or pikinini blong yu, family blong yu we oli play futbol tu, mifala I bin wok tugeta wetem Amicale FC, so bae olgeta I putumaut olgeta equipement, so yu jes kam nmo wetem shoes mo wota botel blong yu bae mifala I provaidem pis blong yusum long day ia”.

Long taem ia bae I kat sam games we bae hemi stap between olgeta patisipen nomo mo tu bae ol patisipen bae oli ko tru long sam phisikel exesais.

Olsem we yumi everywan I save se blong katem taon NCD I nidim moa exesais,wetem hemia H4F programme hemi kamap wetem wan funday programme we hemi involvem olgeta mama, yangfala kel, ol smol kel age stat long 3 yia I ko antap mo tu ol olfala woman, blong kam taon long Amicale long Sarere ia.

Mo long nara nius, Vanuatu bae hemi hostem festaem long yia ia, FIFA Women’s 3 Congress stat long namba 27-29 march 2019.

Bae I kat ova long 30 patisipen blong 11 MA’s (memba assosiesen) long Oceania mo FIFA, bae yumi expektem women’s football blong Pacific aelan nation we oli affiliate long FIFA, mo olgeta staff blong FIFA we oli associate wetem women’s football.

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