Taem we olgeta fubol fan oli kam stap sapotem olgeta tim long Port Vila Stadium long Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) U20 Championship

Group A maj long Port Vila Stadium, i gat sam bisnis haus long Port Vila oli givim sapot blong olgeta blong mekem se ivent ia i save tekem ples.

Long yestede Chairman blong Local Organizing Committee (LOC) blong Port Vila, Iau Tuan, we hemi semtaem President blong Tafea Football Association mo Senia Vaes President blong Vanuatu Football Federation mo Port Vila Football Association (PVFA), Stephen Felix, we hemi Vaes Chairman blong LOC, wetem President blong Shefa Football Association, Tane Maki, we hemi lukaotem transport long tunamen ia, oli stap antap long Carpenter Motors blong talem tankio long kampani ia long sponsaship blong hem.

PVFA President, Felix, hemi talem tankio long Finance Manager blong Carpenters Vanuatu Holding Limited, Dilshan Ranatunga, from assistens we i lukim LOC i karem long olgeta long tunamen ia.

“Wetem sko bod we mifala yusum long tunamen ia, mo olgeta trak we mifala i karem long yufala olsem pat blong sponsaship blong yufala we totol blong hem i ova long Vt1 Milen, hemi biggest eva sponsaship we mifala i karem long wan bisnis haus long Port Vila, mo from hemia mi wantem talem bigfala tankio long bihaf blong LOC i kam long yu,” President Felix i talem.

“Mi wantem talem tankio tu from pat blong sponsaship ia we thru long wan sko bod ia, bambae mifala long PVFA, bambae i kontiniu blong yusum thruaot long jampionship blong mifala we i bambae stat long wik ia, mo long bihaf blong PVFA mi wantem talem tankio long hem ia, mo bambae mifala i luk fowod

Finance Manager Ranatunga hemi talem se Carpenters Vanuatu hemi oltaem stanap bihaen blong sapotem spots long Port Vila mo Vanuatu oltaem, mo hemi stap wishim Vanuatu U20 we bambae hemi go long Korea nekis yia all the best.

Ranatunga hemi talem se bambae hemi no wan sapraes sapos Vanuatu hemi mekem wan samting long wol kap nekis yia, from long wol futbol tede, i stap happen finis.

Finance Manager hemi talem se bambae olgeta i wok kolosap wetem futbol oltaem blong helpem spot ia olsem namba 1 spot blong olgeta man Vanuatu.

LOC i wantem talem tankio tu long olgeta sponsa ia we olgeta tu oli bin help bigwan:

Vanuatu Gavman thru long Ministry blong Youth mo Sports mo Education

Bred Bank

National Bank blong Vanuatu

Shefa Province

Vanuatu Teachers Union

Port Vila Municipality

Kilson Home Construction

Au Bon Marche

Wilco Hardware




Colorite Graphics

Vanuatu Water

Budget Rental

Carpenter Motors we hemi agent blong Izuzu, Nissan, Hyundai mo Mazda

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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