Vanuatu Cricket kapten, Andrew Mansale

By Raymond Nasse

Wetem kaming blong Vanuatu Nasonal Cricket tim long Australia yestede aftanun afta long wan saksesful ICC World Division 5 Qualification tunamen, Daily Sports hemi bin gat janis blong askem tingting blong East Asia Pacific Team Captain, Vanuatu U19 Coach mo National tim kapten, Andrew Mansale, wanem nao sikret ‘recipe’ long win blong olgeta.

Long taem we Vanuatu Cricket hemi tajdaon long Bauefield Airport yestede i bin gat Minister blong Justice, Ronald Warsal, Member blong Parliament blong Tanna, Johnny Koanapo we hemi semtaem Parliamentary Secretary long Prime Ministers’s Office mo samfala bigman moa oli bin stap long taem ya blong welkamem tim insaed long VIP Lounge.

Kapten Mansale hemi talem se tim hemi bin pripea gud from tunamen ia, we risal blong hem i lukim oli winim tunamen ia.

Mansale i talem se olgeta boe oli rili pleiem aot heart blong olgeta long tunamen ya, from skwad insaed i gat sam U19 pleia tu.

“Player Placement Program hem nao hemi rili helpem tim,” Mansale i talem.

Daily Sport i askem abaot program ia mo kapten blong national tim hemi ansarem.

Mansale i talem se from long Vanuatu olgeta boe oli lan blong plei long ‘cement’, Player Placement Program we hemi stap sendem olgeta cricket player i go spendem samfala manis wetem olgeta klab long Australia, Holland mo New Zealand hem nao i stap mekem diferens, from oli go plei long ‘turf’ or grass.

“Yumi gat skill be wetem save mo eksperiens we olgeta pleia i go kasem aotsaed thru long Player Placement Program we oli plei long ‘turf’ i no ‘cement’ olsem yumi, olgeta nao oli assessem fil bifo yumi plei, we ples ya nao hemi wan plus blong tim, from yumi plei long ‘turf’ long olgeta intanasonal tunamen olsem.”

Mansale i wantem talem tankio long olgeta churches, fans, corporate sponsors mo everiwan we i mekem win ia i posibol mo naoia bambae olgeta i tren had blong kwalifae from division 4.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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