Participants of the Asco Motors Cricket I Blong Evriwan Program

There was another chapter of the prominent Asco Motors Toyota Cricket I Blong Evriwan program held at Siviri field, North Efate.

Beautiful sunshine, fresh air and the absence of traffic provided the perfect afternoon for our para-cricketers and cricket staff to enjoy some modified cricket activities at Siviri.

That afternoon was unlike any other afternoon of Cricket I Blong Evriwan activities as the Rainbow Theatre members were not the only participants with two additional members from Mangaliliu village joined the party making the afternoon even more special.

Starting the afternoon off with a warmup game of scissor, paper, rock, got everyone in the mood to play and have some fun which then saw everyone participate in a different modified games of cricket.

The modified games of cricket with the aim of teaching basic cricket skills and techniques covered simple bowling, batting, throwing and fielding techniques.

Vanuatu Cricket staff also joined in with the activities as everyone was having a good time making it difficult to resist not participating.

At the end of the afternoon everyone shared refreshments and socialized a little exchanging stories and laughs before packing up and heading home which saw the end of another Asco Motors Cricket I Blong Evriwan program.

“It is always a pleasure for us to join and participate in the Asco Motors Toyota Cricket I Blong Evriwan. We always enjoy the activities and the company that comes with it and because of that I would like to say a very big thank you to Vanuatu Cricket Association for taking the time every month to run this program for us,” expressed one of the participants from the Rainbow Theatre.

“On behalf of the VCA I would like to thank all our participants for always being patient with us and for allowing time us to run this Asco Motors Cricket I Blong Evriwan Program.”

“I would also like to acknowledge Asco Motors Toyota for continuously supporting this program which enables us to give back to the community through our disability inclusion program,” concluded Natalie Hava, Vanuatu Cricket Development Supervisor.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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