Franis intanasonal, Pape Gueye, we hemi bin kam helpem Amicale FC long samfala sisen i pass long jampionship mo Oceania Champions League, hemi saenem kontrak wetem wan klab blong England.

Foma Girondin Bordeaux FC straeka ya, we hemi blong Senegal be i karem nationality blong Franis, hemi bin kam spendem 2012/2013 sisen wetem Amicale FC. Wetem Amicale, Pape hemi mekem wan bigfala impak long fored mo help karem tim i go long 2012/2013 Oceania Champions League we i luk Amicale hemi go mekem preperesen blong hem long Fiji bifo oli pleiem 2012/2013 edisen blong Champions League.

Pape long taem we hemi leko Amicale hemi talem tankio long foma Amicale mein man, Andrew Leong, we hemi givim janis long hem blong kam pleiem klab futbol blong hem long Oceania, espeseli Vanuatu, we hemi sek se i Pacific tu i gat olgeta ‘blak’ man olsem hem oli laef long hem.

Afta we Pape hemi leko Amicale, hemi go plei klab futbol long Malta, Franis mo naoia hemi saenem kontrak wetem namba 5 division lik long England, Sutton United FC.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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