2017 Pacific Mini Games Team Vanuatu fundraising auction

Sports enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to own a famous piece of sporting history and at the same time support Team Vanuatu in 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

Vanuatu 2017 and VASANOC (Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee), with the generous assistance of the Carbine Club of Vanuatu, this Friday will be auctioning the 2000 Olympic Games Torch signed by Olympic Gold Medallists Cathy Freeman of Australia in Athletics and Barbra Kendall of New Zealand in Sailing.

The Carbine Club has been operating in other countries for 50 years. It was first founded as a men’s luncheon club in Melbourne in 1961 and is named after the legendary racehorse, Carbine.

The spirit of the club that bears the name and colours of this famous racehorse embraces spirit, good humour, grace and fellowship. It is a luncheon club that supports sport in general, but especially those sports people and groups who are inspired to achieve the pinnacle in whatever field they pursue.

The Carbine Club of Vanuatu is a club that supports and promotes sport and sports people; it also has a primary aims of raising funds to assist in the ongoing development of sport and sporting individuals and teams in Vanuatu.

It was formed in 2012 to join other countries in the Pacific, such as New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, London, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

The president of the club is Shaun Gilchrist who is the owner of Azure Pure Water Company, the first domestic supplier of bottled water which has operated for the last 20 years in Vanuatu. To add, Azure Pure water is the Platinum sponsor of the Pacific Mini Games.

One of the key programs of the Carbine Club is to develop its scholarship program, that has been born through the understanding that many of Vanuatu athletes have exceptional ability, however to fully achieve their optimum potential requires longer term support and the ability to be introduced to key development programs and institutions outside of Vanuatu.

As a result of its luncheons, the Carbine Club of Vanuatu will further progress this program and look to assist in the longer-term support of elite athletes in Vanuatu, while continuing to support the grassroots development of sport.

2017 promises to be an exceptional year for sport in Vanuatu, with the Pacific Mini Games being held at various venues in Port Vila in December.

“The Carbine Club of Vanuatu celebrates these achievements in sporting development within Vanuatu and looks forward to supporting further progression of both sport and sport people throughout Vanuatu in coming years,” said Mr Gilchrist.

“For that reason we decided to formally facilitate an auction of 2000 Olympic Torch, of which proceeds will then go towards Team Vanuatu.

“The 2000 Olympic torch, of which Cathy Freeman was the official torch bearer, is a unique collector’s item representing absolute excellence and elite sportsmanship. “

The Carbine Club Auction will be held at Warwick Le Lagon — Vanuatu this Friday, August 11 at 11:30am.

Pre-bids are welcome and serious contenders should email Marketing@van2017.com for terms and conditions of pre-bids.

For more information on Van2017 Pacific Mini Games, visit our website at www.van2017.com or Facebook page: Vanuatu2017 and Vanuatu 2017Nasiviru

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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