Pacific Games

The Seventh Day Adventist Mission has pledged its support to the government through the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games.

On September 21, SDA Mission authorities, led by the SDA mission President Pastor Nos Mail along Terry, signed a Venue Use Agreement with Van2017 CEO Clint Flood for the use of the Multipurpose Hall currently under construction and in its finishing stages at Epauto Area. The hall will be designated as the Weightlifting competition venue for the Games in December.

The signing of this agreement resulted from a number of consultation meetings between the two parties, including the Government, to underline a clear understanding on the use of the hall, as requested by Van2017 Organizing committee for the Pacific Mini Games in December. It was also a chance to look at opportunities for the Government to tap into, as this hall can also be referred to as a future evacuation centre in any natural disaster.

VanCEO Clint Flood said that for Van2017 Mini Games, having the SDA Mission on board is a very supportive step and the building has been identified as being appropriate to be used, as the Organizing Committee is now in the process of completing its planning and coordination.

Today (Tuesday 26 September) marks 68 days countdown before December 4, 2017.

The Ex-FOL building was initially chosen as Mini Games Weighlifting Venue, but given its deteriorating condition, the upgrading work would not be completed in time for the Games.

According to Pastor Nos Terry, this project of having a multipurpose hall was initiated to address discipleship needs and to provide urgently needed seating capacity in the growing urban areas of the Pacific. He said for Vanuatu it was ideal to be built in Port Vila as a gathering place for all the Church activities and programs, such as combined services and major meetings.

“When Van2017 approached us about using this facility for the Games, we were happy to assist because this hall is not intentionally built just for Mission programs – it is planned for other denominations or groups to use the building as well, as long as they abide by the conditions of use agreement put forward by the church,” said Pastor Nos.

“While we have no conditions to impose to you, as well as the government, the Mission is to assist our people, including in the area of Sport, but we would kindly appreciate if we can have some kind of contributions from the Government to fix the road, from the main road up to the Epauto Hall.

“And this road is not going to be used only by Mission people, but in future it will become a busy public access, if people will start using the facility. Let’s not rule out the fact that this place is being identified by the government as an evacuation centre, and I am sure, that it is always going to be.

“In the long run, this area is going to be very beneficial to all our communities, and let’s work together to build that relationship, for the interest of our people.”

The construction started in 2016 and it is planned to be completed by October 2017, before the Games. It is expected to accommodate more than 5000 people.

For more information on the progress of the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games preparations, please visit our Facebook: vanuatu2017 or Vanuatu2017 Nasiviru.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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