Pacific Games

Seize the moment because some opportunities don’t come twice! And that is the reason why the ‘Pacific Songbird’ Vanessa Quai accepted the offer from Van2017 Organizing Committee to select her among some of the Vanuatu artists to perform at the Games.

“I feel excited and honored after I signed the contract with the Van 2017 to stage a performance for the Mini Games; I felt important and I believe if Van 2017 wants me to perform I am expected to bring out the best,” said Ms Quai.

On September 13, Quaisigned up with Van2017 to perform at the Games.

“It is with great pleasure that we invite Vanessa to perform one of her new original songs as part of the Opening Ceremony of the Pacific Mini Games,” said Sasha Zahra, Executive Producer for the Van2107 Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

“Vanessa is a much-loved artist and role model, both at home in Vanuatu and across the Pacific. We know Vanessa will shine and put on a great show. We look forward to working with her on delivering a spectacular performance piece that audiences will love.”

Quai said she is ready and raring to go with all the preparations of planning and coordination by the Van2017 office prior to the events set for the Games.

Quai, as the youngest female Ni Vanuatu to have enjoyed a decade of success internationally, is well known in the region and also worldwide, having achieved five international music awards, in Australia, Egypt and Europe.

“I describe this opportunity given to me, as an artist, as an opportunity to shine and to show who we are. I would admit that this is my first time to sing for big pacific games. I have never done this before,” said Quai.

“My message to you all is: Rise Pacifica, rise Vanuatu! Vanuatu this is your time to shine, show the other nations what you’ve got.

“Good luck to all athletes of the Pacific – you will be an inspiration to all the young people in Vanuatu, and Vanuatu athletes, you will be history makers for this Mini Games! God will be your strength. We are proud! All the best!”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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