“Each one of you makes a difference, in sport and in life this experience will stay with you for all your life. We are all assembled here to celebrate you, to celebrate you as the young athletes as the real game changers.”

This speech was made by the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, as he welcomed the young athletes from different countries and region who are present at the opening ceremony.

There were over ten thousand people who were at the streets of Obelisco in Argentina to witness the opening ceremony. There were people looking from their hotel balcony and shouting for joy as the athletes make their way near the front stage.

Officials, spectators and young athletes were welcome by a group of dancers, there were a lot of praise and happiness inside the crowd of these young athletes as they make their way into the venue.

Flag bearers from individual country who are participating in this youth Olympic game have put on a great smile and spirit as they held their country flags up high, in front of the athletes, officials, spectators and the people of Argentina.

“This Olympic game will leave a mark in your life forever, this will be unique and regard able. We all have been training so hard to better ourselves and to archive excellence, we can compete with respect, happiness, humbleness and friendship.

“This will make us better athletes and better people enjoy every moment and show the world that sport can be an excuse to connect the humanity,” said Victoria Hamatu, an Argentinian Hockey player.

Yesterday saw the hockey action at the Youth Olympic Centre, where Vanuatu lost to am impressive Malaysian side to 14-0.

As for beach volleyball men’s or women’s preliminary phase will also be kicking off today at the Green Park Venue.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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