Argentina fan group pic

Ol fan blong Argentina long Stella View wetem cake we pikja blong Lionel Messi stap long hem.

Ol sapota blong Argentina futbol tim long wol kap oli bin kam tugeta long Wednesday night long Stella View  nakamal blong storian tugeta bifo wol kap i kik off.

Ol die-hard sapota ia oli bin go wetem ol uniform, ol flag mo tu oli bin kat taem blong play nasonal anthem blong Argentina.

Long taem ia i bin kat wan spesel cake we i kat kala blong Argentina mo pikja blong supasta mo kapten blong tim, Lionel Messi.

Ol yangfala strong sapota blong Argentina we i bin stap long taem oli bin katem cake mo ol fan blong tim oli serem.

Ol fan blong tim Argentina oli plan blong kat plante moa kam tugeta olsem we fes taem long yia ia oli kam tugeta.

Fes match blong Argentina bae hemi play agensem Nigeria long 12 klok medel night long Sarere we delaet go long Sunday.

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