OFC Just Play Technical Coordinator Emmie Sope (L) with Vanuatu Just Play Project Manager Rorona Kalsakau.

The Oceania Football Confederation is in mourning following the passing of our close friend and colleague Emmie Sope after a long illness.

Humble, strong, generous and wise, Emmie has been a crucial cog in the success of the OFC Just Play Programme as the technical coordinator, but her work in football and this region extends much further.

As our colleague, we were privileged to work alongside Emmie. Her passion for football development, for gender equality, for the rights of women and children and the development of the communities she visited was unrivalled.

She was an advocate for anyone and everyone and stood strong as an example for those who worked alongside her, providing constant encouragement and pushing us all to believe in our abilities and follow our hearts.

As our friend, Emmie always showed compassion and understanding, never judgement. She was generous, kind-hearted and humble. She embraced one and all and always had time for anyone who needed it whether it was just to listen, or it was someone seeking her sound advice, Emmie was always available.

Emmie’s passing leaves an enormous hole in our hearts, but also in the Oceania football community.

Emmie, we will miss you. Your warm smile, your kind eyes and heart and the passion we shared for football and our Pacific people. Go strong dear friend, may you Rest In Peace.

The OFC Acting President Lambert Maltock leads the Oceania football community in mourning long-time servant of the game Emmie Sope following her passing early this morning.

Maltock said Sope will leave a large hole in the football landscape following years of tireless work in football development and with the OFC Just Play Programme.

“Emmie has always been incredibly passionate not just about progressing football, but in helping develop the people on the ground in our communities across the Pacific.

“There are very few people involved in Oceania football who have not worked with Emmie, or who aren’t aware of the tireless work she has done across the region advocating for women and children and pushing to see football become the number one sport,” Maltock said.

“Her reward was seeing smiling children enjoying football, ours is having known and worked alongside such a compassionate, warm and loving friend.”

Maltock offered his sincere condolences to Sope’s family and friends on behalf of the OFC Executive Committee and the OFC Secretariat.


Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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