No formal transfer request for Kalo: VFF

In Regards to ongoing misreporting by Vanuatu media and social media on issues of players playing abroad and, the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) wishes to inform of the following:

The transfer of players shall comply by the FIFA Regulation on Status and Transfer of players.

In compliance with FIFA Regulation article 9, the following players have been formally released through International Transfer Certificate (ITC): John Alick, Jason Thomas, and Kency Tangis upon request from Solomon Islands FA.

Similarly player Brian Kaltak has been formally transferred by formal ITC

transfer with request from New Zealand Football.

No Transfer request have been formally been requested for Player Bong

Kalo either from the Spanish FA or Swiss FA, in accordance to International Transfer Regulations. The current issue in regards to Bong Kalo’s Status as a player overseas is not yet formal, as no transfer request has been received.

VFF will not accept that where clubs or individuals have engaged players without proper consultation of standing regulations and that Vanuatu Footballs reputation be publicly misrepresented and tarnished for the purpose.

It is required that clubs must report or be compliant to regulations. The VFF has not received any documentation thus far.

To date the VFF has never formally been contacted by any media in Vanuatu to verify the current status.

VFF acknowledges that certain Media have been promoting the idea of

incapacity within in regards to transfers of player, VFF wishes to inform that transfer this is not the case, since Regulation exists to inform all Football Authorities.

The VFF makes International Transfers every year and season. VFF purposely not come out publicly, since player Bong Kalo is a National player, whom VFF has spent a lot of money in developing also. VFF has allowed the time for promoters of the players trip to be fully concluded,

given that Europe is not an easy market for players. VFF has shown support, regardless of the fact the VFF was never acknowledged for its contribution to the development of the player concerned. VFF has released one of its staff on full salary to accompany the player to Europe.

However, if there is a need given the purposeful misinformation by the media, the VFF has an obligation to inform FIFA, given that FIFA has a strong view of treatment of Youth players. All are advised to carefully

take note of the following requirements in regards to players overseas.

Article 2 Issue of an ITC for a professional ( Regulation and status of transfer of players)

1. All applications to register a professional must be submitted by the new club to the new association during one of the registration periods established by that association.

All applications shall be accompanied by a copy of the contract between the new club and the professional. A professional is not eligible to play in official matches for his new club until an ITC has been issued by the former

association and received by the new association.

2. Upon receipt of the application, the new association shall immediately

request the former association to issue an ITC for the professional (“ITC request”). An association that receives an unsolicited ITC from another

association is not entitled to register the professional concerned with one of its clubs.

Article 9 International Transfer Certificate implies the following: ( Regulation and status of transfer of players)

1. Players registered at one association may only be registered at a new association once the latter has received an International Transfer Certificate (hereinafter: ITC) from the former association.

The ITC shall be issued free of charge without any conditions or time limit. Any provisions to the contrary shall be null and void. The association issuing the ITC shall lodge a copy with FIFA. The administrative procedures

for issuing the ITC are contained in Annexe 3 of these regulations.

2. An ITC is not required for

a player under the age of 12

years. VFF hereby takes the liberty to inform you of a link to the entire FIFA Regulation on Status and Transfer of Players mm/document/affederation/ administration/regulations_ on_the_status_and_transfer_ of_players_en_33410.pdf

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Good response VFF.

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