New Caledonia Women’s 3x3 Basketball tours Vila

The visiting New Caledonia women’s team and officials

Vanuatu Basketball Federation (VBF) is delighted to announce the arrival of New Caledonia’s national Women’s team, who are on a tour to Vanuatu this weekend.

“In a month’s time Vanuatu will be competing in the 2019 3x3 Asia Cup,” Vanuatu Basketball NBDO, Sacha Duthu told Daily Sports.

“It is a great opportunity to test our team strengths, court strategy and also to confirm the final selection of our squad to represent Vanuatu.

“We have been training for 2 months and a half and we need to be challenged by different teams. We are delighted New Caledonia is making an effort to tour Vanuatu. It will be a long weekend.

“I want to acknowledge the Vanuatu squad for their efforts and commitment towards the friendly games especially the purpose that they are prioritizing between their sport and family commitments during the weekend of the Easter celebrations.

“VBF will be selecting the final team in both the men and women’s category for the 3x3 Asia Cup, May 22-23 China.”

The visiting team consists of two Women’s teams. Secretary of the New Caledonia Basketball Committee, Brigitte Delaveuve, said they learnt of the great performance Vanuatu Women’s 3x3 side displayed at the VAN2017 Pacific Mini Games and their successful achievement of the Bronze Medal.

For that reason she said it will be an honour for their side to compete against the Vanuatu side. Since 3x3 basketball game was only introduced about a couple of years ago it was right timing to compare strengths between themselves and Vanuatu. It was an opportunity also to exchange future 3x3 Basketball plans. Back in NC it was difficult at first to find women to come and play the 3x3 format, as most women were used to the 5x5 game.

A Home and Away program for the weekend at the Korman Complex will see Vanuatu 1 v NCL 2 in the Elite Women’s category kick off at 4.00pm, and Vanuatu 2 v NCL 1 on Saturday 20 April, at 4.00pm and 4.20pm. There will be local Men’s live competitions in action.

Daily Sports learnt that Vanuatu-born M. Jean-Marc Delaveuve (now residing in New Caledonia) is the coach of the NC national women 3x3 team. The name “Delaveuve” is not new in Vanuatu. Siaraga Club, one of the local basketball clubs in Vila is like a sister club and are closely attached with the team.

Meanwhile Nicky Francois captains the NCL1 team, while Yolène Koteureu captains NCL2 team.

Players playing in the NCL1 team are: Nicky Francois, Adeline Souque, Zoréna Adjouhgniope Elia Hammer.The 3x3 Team 2 of NCL2 consist of Cécile Bregeon Coralie Forest, Camille and Yolène Koteureu Beard.

Vanuatu Women’s National Side in Team 1 consist of Jessie Malverus, Nancy Patterson, Lola Izono, and Antoinette Basil. In Team 2 are: Pauline Malanga, Frances Izono, Elaine Moli, and Patrina Taivakalo. Nancy Patterson captains both teams.

For more updates, visit the VBF Facebookpage.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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