Athletics Vanuatu opted to stay with the mostly the same Committee when they had their election on the 20 th March.

The Athletics Federation the election saw Rex Issachar re-elected as President and David Benjamin back as General Secretary/Treasurer. Others elected to the Committee are new comer, Vice President, Paul Wilson Nalau along with Harrison Solomon, Ellis Sailas, Susan Sandy, and Mariel Nalo.

The election of the Committee was preceded by the Annual General Meeting where the out-going Committee showcased the Strategic Plan which they were assisted in putting together by Margaret MacFarlan, Vanuatu Paralympic Committee President.

The Plan offers a bright future for the Federation after struggling with internal dilemmas over the past two years.

Overseeing the AGM and Election were the President, Oceania Athletics Association, Geoff Gardner, Executive Director, OAA, Yvonne Mullins and Helen Delany, Director Governance and Member Federation Services, International Association Athletics Federations. The Vanuatu National Olympic Committee was also represented at the meeting.

Mr Gardner congratulated the Federation on the turnaround that they have undergone but cautioned them that they needed to continue with the good work.

“The successes of the Pacific Mini Games and the hosting of the Melanesian Championships in 2018 had been noted by the OAA and the IAAF but it is now up to the new Committee to ensure that this great work continues.”

Ms Delany conducted a financial audit of Athletics Vanuatu whilst she was visiting Port Vila and will now return to the IAAF Headquarters in Monaco where she will discuss the situation with her colleagues and the independent Athletic Integrity Unit.

Athletics Vanuatu is looking forward to a successful 2019 year with a busy calendar ahead. The Oceania Championships in Townsville in June will be an important event for the Federation and a lead-up to the Pacific Games in Samoa in July. The Federation is expected to take large teams to both events and will from there make their selections for the World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

But before those international events take place Athletics Vanuatu will concentrate on the Provincial Games in Tanna which will also act as the Federation’s National Championships.

President, Rex Issachar congratulated his new Committee on their election and thanked the out-going Committee for their commitment to Athletics Vanuatu and asked that they continue to be supportive of the incoming Committee.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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