Santo NBV Beach Cricket Participants with VCA staff

Last Friday September 28th, Vanuatu Cricket through their outreach programs, ran the annual NBV beach cricket carnival at South Santo with the sponsorship from the National Bank of Vanuatu and support from the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership (PSP) program.

The carnival brought together a total of 112 participants from seven schools namely, Saletue, Tasmalum, St Pierre, Narango, Tata, Ebenezer and Namorou School.

With a bit of a disturbance from the high tide, the program was held off until after lunch before matches commenced but the students had fun and enjoyed playing cricket nonetheless.

Vari Lele, VCA development staff on Santo believes that everyone had fun playing cricket on the beach regardless of the cold and the high tide.

“Beach cricket is always fun so a little bit of high tide was not enough to take the excitement away from the children. They all had fun and most importantly they all learnt something new which at the end of the day is what really counts,” Lele said.

Each school played four matches each in both the boys’ and girls’ category and the four teams at the top of the leader board progressed into the semi-finals with the victors eventually playing for the champions’ title.

After round matches, Saletue and St Pierre were both dominant resulting in the two schools claiming all the final spots in both the boys’ and girls’ category.

At the end of the day, there can only be one winner in each category and St. Pierre were the deserving winners in the boys’ category with Joselito as their star player during the match while Saletue claimed the title in the girls’ category however, the player of the match was awarded to Olka from St. Pierre School.

Vanuatu Cricket would like to acknowledge the National Bank of Vanuatu for sponsoring this beach cricket carnival and it has definitely put a smile on the participants’ faces.

The VCA would also like to acknowledge the Australian Government for their continuous support of Vanuatu Cricket outreach programs through PSP.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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