Wan long olgeta famili we oli yusum NRA naoia

By Raymond Nasse

Ova 250 man woman mo pikinini blong Navuti Vilij long WestAmbae mo long North Ambae oli kollem Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) Northern Region Academy (NRA) home.

Konfemesen i kamaot yestede long olgeta staff blong VFF we oli alawem blong olgeta famili ya blong Ambae blong oli yusum NRA olsem ples blong silip, kaikai mo semtaem yusum wota blong fasiliti ya.

“Mifala i serem NRA wetem olgeta family blong yumi long Navuti long West Ambae mo Abanga long North Ambae, olgeta ya nao oli stap yusum olgeta fasiliti blong NRA.

“Hemia hemi excludum olgeta we oli stap yusum olgeta fasiliti blong Sports Commission we hemia narasaed i go long olgeta tennis court, basketball mo Farea we i stap saed i go ya insaed long Soccer City Stadium ya.

“1900 man, woman mo pikinini naoia oli stap insaed long Soccer City Stadium, namba ya inkludum olgeta long NRA

“Mifala i traem everi best blong mifala blong hollem taet olgeta famili blong yumi ya insaed long ples ia kasem taem we National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) hemi disaed blong muvum aot olgeta i go stap long olgeta vilij kolosap long taon.

“Soccer City Stadium hemi olsem wan temporary ples nomo we olgeta family kam stap long hem kasem NDMO i faenem wan ples blong muvum olgeta ia go long hem.

“Mifala glad blong luk se olgeta family ia kam wetem olgeta kaikai we NDMO mo olgeta family long Sarabulu Church long Vila i bin sendem kam long olgeta. Kaikai ia nao i stap hollem taet olgeta yet naoia.

“I gud blong Gavman i lukluk blong kam helpem situesen espeseli blong joenem olgeta pipe i go raon long Stadium blong mekem sua se everiwan i gat akses long wota we hem nao hemi mein samting we olgeta famili nidim,” hemi olgeta toktok i kamaot long olgeta hardworking staff blong VFF we oli stap lukluk long olgeta blong Navuti mo Abanga long NRA.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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