Nasi and Em Pawa say farewell

After spending last year as ambassadors of the 2017 Pacific Mini Games, and greeting thousands of people leading up to the December event, Nasi and Em Pawa the mascots for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games are bidding farewell.

At a farewell event held at Freshwota bilingual school on Friday– the mascots were officially retired and will now spend their next number of years on display at the National Museum.

CEO Van2017 noted that the mascots—who were designed in 2015 and came to life as cheeky , playful lorikeets on November 29, 2016, have helped to take the message of the Games across the entire country. Em Pawa is the female version of the mascot, but carried the important message of respect for women and children and to help end violence to women in our community.

The Freshwota school was chosen as the official farewell site for the mascots because this is where the Champions program was launched earlier in 2017. The Champions program, designed by Van2017 and supported by the Department of Education saw Nasi and Em Pawa travel to all 6 provinces and attend every primary school and outreach community to talk about the values and discipline it takes to be a champion in life.

Van2017 CEO Clint Flood said to the assembled students at Freshwota school, that the lessons of the Champions Program—eat and stay healthy, take care of your environment, proactive and learn your culture, and be respectful to your community, should be life long practices.

Flood also commented that if Vanuatu does host the 2027 Pacific Games in 10 years time , then hopefully some of these students, will be athletes, volunteers, and spectators, making the nation proud.


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