Joseph Namariau (right) handing over the new set of uniform to Loukatai FC

Joseph Namariau accompanied by his Father, Jacob Namariau initiated the handing over ceremony of a full set of football uniform for the Loukatai Football club from the North western part of the Island of Tanna.

This handing over saw the presentation of uniforms by Joseph Namariau who was the main sponsor of the set of uniform to the club, followed by a word of ‘Thank You ‘from the club Manager Mr Iata Iamak.

Other representatives of the club included the Club President Tom Kouha and community representative of Loukatai who were present at this time.

Namariau has shared some childhood memories with families in Loukatai while he was a young boy attending Lenakel Secondary school, and this was the main reason why he had decided to give back to this community for their support with this set of football uniform.

This is the second Football club in the island of Tanna that Namariau has donated a full set of uniforms to, the first being a Football club in the southern part of the island, Ienmarei Football club.

Joseph Namaraiu is a well-known former Tafea football club striker and represented the National team and Fiji football teams in various regional tournaments during his time in footballing days, until he retired in 2014.

Due to Namariau’s past connection and passion with football, and while he has retired early from the footballr arena, he remains committed at heart to support upcoming young football players and it is his way of allowing the spirt of football alive throughout Tanna and hopefully and eventually across the country by making such donations of uniforms to Football teams.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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