Nalkutan i mas win long Fraede blong plei long home long kwota faenol

Nalkutan FC i mas winim Toti City FC long Fraede blong oli gat janis blong plei long fored blong hom kraod long kwota faenol.

Plante long olgeta futbol fan oli stap ting se kwota faenol stej blong kompetisen we bambae i lukim 2 top 2 tim long wan wan pool oli plei wan home and away maj, be fomat i talem se bambae kwota faenol maj, hemi wan maj nomo.

Fomat blong kompetisen i talem se kwota faenol, bambae oli jas mekem wan dro blong hem afta long olgeta Pool stej. Wina blong wan pool long ‘home’, hem nao bambae hemi hostem kwota faenol wetem rana ap blong nara pool.

Hemia i minim se sapos Nalkutan FC hemi wantem plei yet long fored blong ‘home kraod’ long Korman Stadium, hemi nogat eni joes be oli maj winim Toti City FC long Fraede ya, sapos no ne Nalkutan bambae hemi mas travel aot blong plei aotsaed.

Nalkutan FC, oli ajivim aim blong olgeta finis, taem oli kwalifae from kwota faenol, mo naoia oli gat wan moa objektif bageken naoia long fored blong kwalifae from semi faenol.

Semi faenol, bambae oli jas pleiem long wan fomat blong home and away, semak long grand faenol.

Nalkutan FC bambae oli plei long Fraede ya witaot seves blong Joses Nawo mo James Naka.

"Mi gat bigfala tras se olgeta boe blong mi oli save winim las maj blong mifala wetem Toti City FC blong mifala i save lidim tebol mo plei long home graon long kwota faenol," Nalkutan FC Tim Maneja, Yakar Silas i talem.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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