The unique Nabanga Sport for Development Program (Nabanga) in TAFEA Aniwa community will come together to Ufangwe Village where all sporting activities for Nabanga takes place since 2011.

DG and Minister of Department of Youth Development and Sports will lead a delegation consisting of Australian High Commission to fly to Aniwa on Thursday 27th November for the closing of Nabanga project.

Director of Youth Development will on the same charter lead a delegation to Hand over Sports Equipment to Futuna community as a token of thank you to its community. The ceremony of the handing over of the sport equipment is kind of reconciliation to Futuna community to say sorry although DYDST carried out a Scope to run Nabaga activities there but plans never eventuated. That DYDST through Nabanga sports has not forgotten them but to use the equipment to continue playing sports to improve their health and social lives especially our youths who wants to excel further into their sporting career and for all to keep active, keep healthy and live longer through playing sports.

Over the past three years the Nabanga Sport for Development program, in partnership with Sanma Frangipani Association, Save the Children Australia and Aniwa Island Community has used a sport as a tool to advocate for the rights of people with disability, improve sexual and reproductive health of youth, increase livelihood activities and reduce non-communicable diseases.

DYDST Director Mr Joe Iautim said the program is proving hugely successful. “We have proven evidence that Sport for Development is an essential tool for social and economic development through genuine partnerships,” Mr Iautim said.

Nabanga project has provided opportunity to learn and share from each program site in East Ambae, Central Malekula, Sanma Province and Aniwa Island. The program is an inclusive program including people with disability, youths, children, parents, women and girls.

DYDST National Sport for Development Coordinator Mrs Mary E Mahuk said she’s is very impressed to see what impact the project has in changing social lives of communities, social cohesion and educating to change their attitudes, instill confidence in our youths as leaders of their own communities, women and girls coming out to play, people with disability been treated the same like anyone in the community and involving the whole community to play and have fun to enjoy and improve their social lives to live in a happy and healthy community. Nabanga has build a big family through our partnership with our implementing partners and our stakeholders,” Mrs Mahuk said.

Nabanga is managed by the DYDST, through a partnership with the Australian Sports Outreach Program, an Australian Government initiative funded by Department of Foreign Affairs and trade and managed by the Australian Sports Commission.”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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