MP Mata Seremaiah wetem olgeta pleia mo ofisol blong Malampa Revivors afta long handing ova blong Vt500000 yestede

Malampa Revivors FC long Luganville Santo i stap pripea full swing naoia blong tekem pat long Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) 2019 Champions League long manis February we bambae i tekem ples long Kone, New Caledonia.

Team Malampa Revivors i stap wokbaot go long OFC Champions League wetem bigfala tingting blong “bildimap Malampa Revivors hemi kam wan bigger mo better team blong northern region blong Vanuatu”.

General coordinator blong Malampa revivors FC, Jacques Tronquet i talemaot se Malampa Revivors FC i karem selection players blong Santo, Port Vila mo islands blong mekem wan fair representation olsem region blong north.

Blong strenghtenemap team, Malampa revivors FC bambae i travel kam long Port Vila long nekis week blong camp long Teouma Academy mo plei sam frenli maj wetem olgeta logol klab blong Port Vila bifo hemi go daon long New Caledonia.

Head Coach blong team Kaison Maki mo assistant coach Vital Bong oli rere wetem tim Malampa Revivors blong travel godaon go long Port Vila blong preparem team bifo oli muv go long New Caledonia blong plei fes maj blong olgeta 10 February 2019 wetem Hienghène Football club blong New Caledonia, long Yoshida stadium long Kone.

Malampa hemi karem sapot blong MP Mark Ati mo MP Matai Seremaiah.

Long yestede aftanun, MP Seremaiah hemi handem ova wan jek blong Vt500000 i go long Malampa.

“Mi pledgem full sapot blong mi long klab, mo naoia mi kam olsem Platinum Sponsor blong klab.

“Sapot blong mi i no finis nomo long ples ya, mi talemaot se bambae mi pem Vt50000 long wan poen sapos klab i skorem long Champions League ya.

“Mi anaonsem tu se sapos klab hemi kwalifae blong go long sekon raon, bambae mi givim nara Vt500000 bageken long klab,” MP Matai i talem.

MP blong Luganville ya hemi talem tu se bambae hemi stap follem klab i go daon long New Caledonia taem tim i stap aot.

Hemia i no festaem we MP Seremaiah hemi kamaot blong helpem Malampa Revivors.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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