Minista blong Yut Divelopmen mo Spot, Seule Simeon i saenem long Tusdei long wik ia fo pepa (dokumen) long Korman Spot Komplex long Port Vila.

Ol fofala pepa ia i gat Vanuatu Nasonal Spot Grant Polisi, Vanuatu National Spots Polisi, Koperet Plan blong Ministri blong yia 2019- 2021 mo Bisnis plan blong yia ia, 2019.

Long toktok blong hem, Minista Simeon i talem se, hem olsem minista risponsible blong yut mo spot i glad bigwan blong save luk wan bigfala ajivmen long spot blong gat sam fomol pepa we i stap in ples blong givim wan klia daereksen blong hao spot bai hemi wok naia mo i go long ol yia we i stap kam.

Minista hemi talem tankio blong hem i go long Daerekta General blong save lidim tim we i stap blong mekem sua se ol pepa ia hemi komplit.

“Mi olsem minista responsible, mi wantem talem se mi glad tumas long ajivmen ia. Mi stap apil i go long ol nasonal federesen, VASANOC, Spot Komisen blong yumi wok tugeta blong bildimap spot long kaontri,” Minista Simeon i talem.

“Mi save talem se wetem ol fofala pepa we yumi saenem tetei, mi stap lukluk se bai fiuja blong Spot long Vanuatu hemi luk gud.”

Daerekta Jenerol blong Ministri blong Yut mo Spot, Henry Vira tu i givim toktok blong hem long saening blong ol document ia mo talem se hemia hem i fes taem blong yumi gat wan Spot polisi bagegen afta long plante yia i pas mo bai polisi ia bambae hemi olsem wan derektive blong yumi wok folem blong kasem ol spot divelopmen priority blong yumi.

DG Vira hemi talem tu se “mifla i hapi blong gat ol fofala document ia. Hemia hemi wan spesel dei blong Ministri from bigfala ajivmen ia. Naia yumi gat wan National Spot Policy blo yumi save wok folem blo divelopem spot”.

Long saed blong Nasonal Grant Polisi, DG vira i talem se Plante taem long wan spot event, ol spot federesen i stap fesem had taem blong kasem manie blong oli save ranem ol aktiviti blong olgeta. Hemi talem se wetm Grant polisi ia bambae i helpem bigwan olgeta blong oli save aksesem manie blong helpem olgeta blong oli ranem ol aktiviti blong olgeta.

“Grant Polisi ia hemi wan wei blong faenem manie blong national federesen blong oli save aksesem funding. i gat ol kriteria blem mo bai i gat wan komiti we bai i setup blong save helpem ol federesen i save akesem funding lem. Hemia i olsem wan patwei we ol atlet tu i save kam blo akesem funding” DG Vira i talem.

Ol kategori blong Spot Grant bambai i folem ol sixfala kategori ia, Grasrut Spot Divelopmen Grant, Hosting blong Tunamen Grant, Ovasi Spot Tour Grant, Disabiliti Grant, Shot Tem Expet Grant blong Spot Divelopmen mo Woman in Spot Grant.

Bambae i gat wan Spot Grant Manejmen guidlaen mo procedure Manual blong folem.

DG Vira i konitinu blong talem se Koperet Plan mo Bisnis Plan blong Ministri bai hemi guidem yumi long hao yumi save adresem isius blong spot long kaonti blong yumi.

Saening ia i hapen long presense blong Daerekta jenerol blong Ministri blong Yut mo Spot, Henry Vira, Daerekta blong Yut mo Spot, Johnson Toa, CEO blong VASANOC, Henry Tavoa, CEO blong Vanuatu Nasonel Spot Komisen, Trevor Toka mo ol staf blong Depatmen blong Yut mo Spot, Vanuatu Nasonal Spot Komisen mo Vanuatu Nasonal Yut Otoriti.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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