MG Tafea FC to play Galaxy FC in the opener

The elite football competition for the Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) premier division, Top 4, to find a representative for Vanuatu in the 2020 OFC Champions League was officially announced yesterday.

MG Tafea FC were was recently crowned 2018/2019 PVFA Champions will now have the task to vie for a spot in the 2020 OFC Champions League, against Galaxy FC, BSP Amicale FC and defending champions, Erakor Golden Star FC.

PVFA announced yesterday that MG Tafea FC will play Galaxy FC on April 22 at 1pm at the Port Vila Stadium and Erakor Golden Star FC to play BSP Amicale FC at 3pm.

Office of the PVFA has asked the four cubs to submit their team list by Wednesday 17th of April 2019, by 4.30pm.

As experiences in the past have shown, there is always this issue with eligibility of players. PVFA has made it clear that they must be registered players of VFF and PVFA. PVFA will allow a maximum of 10 transfer players on the Start list but only play 5 in the field of play at any one time.

“We want to have a small pause to allow players to participate in the Tafea National Games from the 4th of May but we do not want a long delay to affect the club’s preparation and momentum in the current PVFA premier League.

“The qualified clubs have been in full preparation for the last 2 weeks and will have another 10 days to finalize their preparations before kicking off on Easter Monday, April 22nd 2019. The grand final will be on Labour Day the 1st of May 2019,” PVFA President Stephen Felix said.

PVFA invites the footfall families in Port Vila to come out in numbers, cheer the teams and enjoy live football action in the capital during the PVFA Top 4 Competition.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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