The Vanuatu Volleyball Federation is very happy to announced the short list for Men’s beach volleyball players on the long list towards the 2019 Pacific Games in Apia Samoa from 7 th to 20 th of July 2019.

From VVF’s understanding there will be a total of 24 Pacific Games Association member countries/nations and territories plus Australia and New Zealand that are expected to compete at this game.

Players who are on the beach volleyball short list are, Manuel Maki, James Chillia, Joshua Toares, Donny Aru and Stivano Banga.

“Players have been in intensive training with VVF’s funded FIVB coach Michel Bargmann since the beginning of this new year 2019. No matter that the competition is still far away, it is much better to start off training now and selecting a short list of the players and not waiting until the last minute,” said VVF Media Officer Christel Homu.

The 16 th Pacific Games will be held in Apia Samoa. The Games will showcase the participation of more than 3000 athletes from 22 Pacific Nations in 28 sports and disciplines.

“During our trainings at the volleyball court at stade we have had a National player and also a FIVB funded coach from Germany coach Michel Bargmann, who helped a lot in coaching us in different volleyball drills.”

“Me as a player in beach volleyball during our trainings I see that I have improved a lot as a player, and for me being listed in the beach volleyball short list, me and my teams are aiming to secure a Gold Medal in the upcoming 2019 Pacific Game in Apia, Samoa,” said beach volleyball player Steve Banga.

VVF would like to express our greater gratitude to the FIVB for funding German coach Michel Bargmann to base in Port Vila and help VVF in coaching the volleyball players towards any FIVB competitions or World Championships tournaments held around the world.

Vanuatu Beach Volleyball Team is proudly sponsored and supported by Air Vanuatu, VASANOC, FIVB, P&O Cruises, Project Clothing, Dynamic Tape, AZURE water, Ultimate Fitness, Le life Resort and Sea Change Lodge.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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