Our Island Cricket Mamas posing together for a group photo after the finals.

The second season of Island Cricket competitions this year featured six mamas teams namely Ifira, Pango, Seaside, Mele, Erakor and Beverly Hills take part in the Island Cricket Independence Cup Competition.

Friday the 28th of July saw the Independence cup finals kick off at Independence Park which started off with a fourth place play off between Seaside and Beverly Hills which Beverly hills claimed after defeating Seaside by 74 runs then followed by a semi-final match between Pango and Mele which saw Pango defeated by Mele leaving them in third place.

The Grand Final of the Island Cricket Independence Cup was held later in the afternoon at the Vanuatu Cricket Ground between Ifira and Mele.

Mele dressed in their village colours (blue and yellow) surprised the mighty Ifira mamas during the grand final to claim the Independence Cup trophy and shield.

Ifira won the toss and elected to field first and the decision paid off for Ifira seeing them get Mele all out for a mere 113 runs. Mele in return responded with a surprisingly strong fielding side as well cutting the chase short for Ifira and restricting them to just 95 runs all out.

The Mele mamas have proved that they have not lost hope and they came to win which resulted in them retaliating in the best way possible to claim the victory. Leimauri Chilia was awarded the Player of the Match trophy after taking 10 wickets and scoring 16 runs for her team.

“Our Island Cricket mamas have really enjoyed their matches and they are looking forward to their next competition, the NCD Cup, which will commence in October and will run till November.

I would like to also say a very big thank you to all the teams that have participated in this Independence cup making it a great success for everyone involved,” says Women’s Island Cricket Development Officer, Lucien Taiwia.

This Island Cricket Victory for Mele will add to the great success of the Mele Cricket community seeing that the Mele Bulls Women’s Cricket team and Men’s Team have also claimed the 2017 Independence Cup titles in T20 format and their success is continuously growing throughout the months. This win for the Mele mamas gave the Mele community a Triple Victory for the Independence cup.

The VCA would also like to acknowledge the continuous support from the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership Program.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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