Meet Melody Nalin

Melody Nalin at the Daily Post. Photo: Lynette Melenamu

Today’s Current Champions profile is 17-year-old is Melody Nalin. 

Born in August 22, 2000, Melody who will be turning 18 years old shortly, hails from Tanoliu Village, North Efate. 

She was raised in the village in a family of seven siblings, she is one of the four girls and with 3 brothers.

Melody was one of the youngest of her siblings and was young when her parents separated. 

She and her siblings were raised along by their mother Annie with the help of her grandmother.

Her mother works at the house keeping section of The Havanah Resort and so is her oldest brother and sister who work at the Resort Restaurant.

That is where they gain money to support their family. 


Melody started kindergarten at the Tanoliu Primary school from year 2006-2007, followed by Class 1 to Class 6 from 2008 to 2013. 

She continues her Year 7 and Year 8 at Ulei Junior Secondary School from 2014 to 2015.

Passing her Year 8 exams she continues Year 9-10 still at Ulei Secondary School from 2016 to 2017. 

After sitting her Year 10 exams, she was among the 100 plus students selected to study at the Onesua Presbyterian College, this year.

But her mother arranged her transfer to Tebakor College where she is now looking forward to complete her Year 12 next year and a change to continue further study at the University of the South Pacific. 

Work Experience 

Melody shows a good example to other students, she does not depend on her mother to support her education. She had the chance to seek a holiday job at The Havana Resort where she works for a short term in January. She works at the beach and boat club, as a tour guide and also in housekeeping.

At theend of the month, she gets her vatu, she manages to help her mother with the transports fees and stationaries ready for school to kick off in February. 

Sports Career  

Melody began playing when she was 13 years old, when she was still in primary. 

Her favorite sport is hockey and cricket which she is currently playing at the moment. 

She joined The Havana Hockey team and North Efate Push Pig Cricket team. 


Melody’s message to all the children around schools in Port Vila is if they have a chance to visit every afternoon down at Wan Smolbag to check out the sporting activities that are taking place every afternoon. Because hockey is a sport that is a bit new to Ni-Vans. She is also encouraging young girls and boys to try hockey. 


First of all, Melody acknowledges her mother back in the village and her guardians in Vila for supporting her with her trainings and the coaches and trainers for spending their time to train both boys and girls team, plus the sponsors for making it possible for both teams to travel to PNG. Above all, God all mighty for giving her the strength to be part of the team Vanuatu to go on an international level and qualify for the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos, Aries in Argentina on October 2018. 

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