Simeon Seule gives to Malampa Revivors

Minister Simeon Seule (centre) making the handing over to the Malampa Revivors representative while Mr Moli looks on.

Ministry confirms reduced support to OFC participation due to Van017 during handing over of Vt500,000 cash support to Malampa revivers FC

The Ministry of Sports, Youth Development & Training has encouraged football teams throughout Vanuatu aiming to have a chance at playing at the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) level to be more prepared financially and not allow young talent to be discouraged just by improper preparation as it can have bearing on their performance.

Minister Simeon Seule made the statement just two hours prior to flying to French territory of Tahiti as guest at the OFC Tahiti sector which sees Erakor Golden FC as Vanuatu’s Flag bearer.

While making this statement, Minister Seule handed over Vt500,000vt to Malampa Revivers FC as the government’s official pledge at his ministry.

He however revealed that 2017 is devoted to staging Van017 games therefore the ministry of Youth and Sports has down-scaled its support to numerous sports disciplines until the Pacific Mini Games is over.

“Malampa Revivors’ success to secure a spot at the OFC sector in New Zealand is a testimony to the team’s humble determination towards football and youth development, you are our ambassadors in New Zealand.

“My ministry will ensure we don’t turn a blind eye over football development in Luganville and general youth development at large,” Seule stressed.

The minister paid credit to VFF for its determination to see that Vanuatu football is respected on the world stage and the region.

Meanwhile, the sports minister is guest at the OFC Tahiti sector accompanied by his First Advisor, Mr. Benson Willie.

During the handing over ceremony Second Political Advisor to the Minister of Sports, Mr. Kalvau Moli called on all football teams in Luganville to regard Malampa Revivors’ route to the OFC level as a benchmark for football up north of Vanuatu.

He indicated that with continued changes to the OFC tournament format in future it may be harder for another team from up north to get the same opportunity, therefore he is encouraging all football teams to work in partnership with VFF to ensure the Northern football academy in Luganvillee is fully utilized so as to breed more new talented players.

“The Ministry of Sports is prepared to pledge more financial support towards VFFs program at the new academy,” Moli revealed on behalf of the Ministry.

Meanwhile, in Tahiti the Youth & Sports Minister is expected to meet with the territory’s senior government officials and senior politicians and seek support for a round ribbon tournament involving Vanuatu/Tahiti/New Caledonia in football similar to that of the early ‘70s to be jointly supported under the francophone banner.

Minister Seule is expected to be hosted by the French territory’s youth and sports minister. Their meeting will be focused on proposed financial support for Van017.

The minister’s delegation is expected to be back on the 19th of this month.

Present during the cash donation to Malampa Revivors were representatives from VFF- Bong Shem, the team’s assistant coach as well as officers from the department of sports, youth and training.

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