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The Malampa Provincial delegation led by the President for Malampa Province, Mr. Nobert Ngpan and Vice President, Pierre S. Worwor met with the Director General for the Ministry and Department of Youth Development and Sports, Mr. Henry Vira and his senior officers yesterday morning to discuss Sports development plans and way forward.

In their discussion, President Ngpan and team said that last week a proposal as petition was presented to the Prime Minister, Honorable Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas during the PM’s visit to Malampa Provincial Council for the request of a new sporting complex site.

Mr. Ngpan said the current sporting ground, Wilkins stadium is small in size to cater for the different sports disciplines, and therefore they are requesting the Ministry through the office of the Director General to provide assistance in designing a new sports complex.

“According to our physical planning, we will erect other office facilities in the current Wilkins stadium compound and the construction of a new sporting complex is our future focus at the moment,” said Mr. Ngpan.

President Ngpan has also confirmed that Malampa is looking forward to host the Inter Secondary Games in 2020 and is already gearing up its preparations to host the National Games after TAFEA hosting it in May.

In his closing remarks, DG Henry Vira acknowledged the Malampa President and delegation for being proactive in moving this arrangements earlier to allow enough time and avoid last minute preparation for any upcoming games that they are looking forward to host.

He also confirmed that the Ministry will always be ready to provide support towards their preparation and also suggested that it is good not to focus only on Sports activities but also to see where we can come in with sports to address youth issues.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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