50m swim sprints at the Seafront

There will be a 50m swim sprints event for all the swimmers around town on Constitution Day, October 5, at 8am sharp at the Seafront. Anyone interested to take part in the event, should register by September 29.

This event is open to swimmers who are already part of one of Port Vilas 9 swim clubs: — Bahai Swim Club, Ekipe Swim Club, Eton Swim Club, Paradise Swim Club, Waterlife Swim Club, Flying Fish Swimming, Blacksands Swim Club, Epau Swim Club and The Port Vila Masterbathers.

Clubs should submit their entries to tracy@vanuatuaquatics.com no later than the 29th of September. There is no fee for this first time event.

The events will be as follows:

10yrs & Under Boys & Girls 25m FS, BK, BS & BF

12yrs & Under Boys & Girls 25m FS, BK, BS & BF

14yrs & Under Boys & Girls 50m FS, BK, BS & BF

16yrs & Under Boys & Girls 50m FS, BK, BS & BF

18yrs & Under Boys & Girls 50m FS, BK, BS & BF

Opens Men & Women 50m FS, BK, BS & BF

Free Relays

This will be the first time using a 50m course along the seawall. If the event will be successful these will be the inaugural times for a more permanent course — so your name could go down in history!

The organizers would like to thank to all their major sponsors: Vila Distribution & Azure Water. If you are a keen swimmer and want to join a club or find out how you can be invovled in developing swimming in vanuatu please email swimming@vanuatuaquatics.com.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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