Pacific Games

Thirty local drivers have signed up with Van2017 Organizing Committee to provide their services during the Games.

Rex Thomas, who is supervising the Transport section at Van2017 said that most drivers were recruited in Port Vila with one from the Island of Santo.

Van2017 is looking at a total of 40 drivers, but only 30 of them attended an orientation day organized by Van2017 on September 15 in Port Vila.

“The objective of having an orientation day was for all the drivers to be given an overview of Van2017 Games, understand the role and function of the Games Transport Section. They were also briefed on several areas such as customer service, code of conduct based on dress code, professionalism, politeness, punctuality, communication and bus routine,’’ said Mr Thomas.

He said the Vanuatu Government is expecting to receive 25 vehicles donated by the Chinese Government in October, for games transportation.

According to Mr Thomas, those buses will be allocated to the recruited drivers, who are expected to be fully operational from the November 27 to December 18, 2017.

That session was an opportunity for the Police Traffic Unit to underline some of the key aspects on road traffic regulations, and police traffic operations during the Games.

Mr Thomas said that Van2017 will later develop a service contract for each driver to abide by.

“Drivers will be responsible to drive athletes, members of Pacific Games Authority, Pacific Games Council, and VIPs to any venue around Port Vila,’’ he said.

“In this session, we helped them to clearly understand how buses will operate, what is the official route to and from villages, sports and training venues as well as to know all the parking sites.”

“They need to know the timing schedules for pick up and drop offs from villages and venues, as well as the operation of the Athletes Centre as their meal centre. All the information that was handed out also includes the arrivals and departures of thee Teams who will be coming over.”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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