Bosahe United Posing with their new uniforms before winning the friendly game on Monday

Bosahe Sector One area of West Malo was privileged enough to receive heartfelt donations from local business man Amon Moli last week.

Moli gladly donated three sets of uniforms comprising of 22 pairs for the football team, 10 pairs for the womens volleyball team and 20 uniforms for the officials of Sector One to use on special occasions. Brand new football shoes and socks also came with the package.

This was not the first time the generous hearted man had done something of that kind.

He had donated two sets of uniforms last year for the local football taem, -Bosahe United. He however wanted to purchase and donate new ones seeing that the uniforms were getting old.

However, it was the first time ever the volleyball team has ever received such a blessing as well as the officials of Sector One.

“I would like to make it perfectly clear that everything that am doing for Sector One, has nothing to do with politics. It is my will to help and in return I want Sector One are to develop to the next level with cooperation and unity,” Mr Moli said.

During the handing over session, Mr Moli suggested that Sector One should eliminate the consumption and abuse of drugs but rather involve and develop the sports section of Sector One.

According to Molrantalom (Malo Council of Chiefs) chief, and same time time Sector One Youth Chief Representative, Mr Michel Moli, he said Mr Amon Moli has been generously giving donations in the past 2-3 years up till now, contributing towards community events, fundraisings and celebrations in the Sector One area.

He further stated that it is the first time Sector One area has ever had such an understanding man who understood the needs of the locals and helped in every possible way.

“Therefore am asking for everybody in Sector One to believe in oneness. I urge all pastors,chiefs, women leaders and Youth leaders to work together to develop Sector One,” he said.

Bosahe United FC Captain Mr Livus Moli and Bosahe Sector One Youth President Mr Jeouna Walla thanked Mr Amon Moli for being so generous and believed that with all the support from Mr Amon Moli, youths were enthusiastic and engaged more in sport activities. They also believed with all that, the consumption of kava, alcohol and cigarette and other drugs would eventually come to an end.

The football team in return showed their appreciation by presenting Mr Moli with gifts of yam and fowl.

He (Amon Moli) concluded by saying that this would not be the last time, instead he will continuously support the area he is proud of and hopes only for the best.

Sector One area has more than a hundred youths’ majority of which are dependent but talented sports people and believe in the spirit of sports and unity.

Putting on their new uniforms, Bosahe United showed their skills earlier this Monday by playng friendly with Spider FC scoring 6 goals to 1 and scoring 5 goals to 1 against Sunbeam FC.

Amon Moli hails from the Village of Jingonkoru in the West Malo area.

Sector One is hoping to establish a Municipality in the area soon.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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