Lord Mayor Onen Gaviga (raet) i handem ova mane i go long Tim Maneja, John Seth

Luganville Municipal Council (LMC) hemi givim long las wik long Fraede Vt100,000 i go long klab representatif blong Malampa Revivors FC.

Long Fraede aftanun taem we tim hemi stap gohed wetem olgeta nomol trening program blong hem, Lord Mayor, Onen Gaviga hemi mekem wan visit i go long tim blong handem ova Vt100,000 i go long olgeta.

Long toktok blong hem, Mayor Gaviga hemi talem se from klab hemi kamaot long eria blong hem, Council i gat duty blong helpem klab ya, from olgeta i bin bajet from anda long Social Affairs bajet blong olgeta.

Mayor i talem i rimaendem tim nomo se taem olgeta i stap long New Zealand olgeta i representem Luganville Municipality, Luganville Football Association mo everi klab long Not, mo hemi stap wishim olgeta gud luck wantaem long kampen blong olgeta long Oceania Champions League long New Zealand.

Long rispons blong Malampa Revivors Tim Maneja, John Seth, hemi talem tankio long Mayor Gaviga blong luk save tim we i kamaot long Municipality blong hem, mo hemi stap assurum Mayor se bambae tim i go givim best blong hem long fes eva Champions League blong olgeta.

Malampa Revivors oli kasem Port Vila yestede mo tede oli shud flae aot finis go long New Zealand. Long nara nius blong futbol long Luganville, grand faenol blong Marc Ati Soul Cup las wiken, i lukim Malampa Revivors hemi kam blong difendem bageken taetol blong hem bageken taem oli winim Tafea FC long 2-1.

Afta long win Revivors oli wok awei wetem Vt80,000 mo wan cup, mo Tafea, Vt40,000 wetem wan cup.

Hemia i sekon edisen blong Marc Ati Soul Cup we Memba blong Palemen blong Luganville, Marc Ati i sponsarem, mo i lukim tufala semak klab we i faenol las yia tufala i mit bageken long yia ia.

Tunamen ya bambae hemi gohed bageken blong wan nara 2 yia, afta we oli bin anaonsem se bambae i gohed blong 4 yia.

Ripot long las wiken long Luganville Soccer City Stadium i talemaot se olgeta kraod long grand faenol i bitim eni nara tunamen long yia ia long Luganville, maet ating from Paul Wari hemi enteten long dei ia.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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