Life Matters Program in Santo a Success

Coaches and athletes in Santo have benefit from the two weeks program called Life Matter Workshop.

It was hosted by the VVF at Sanma Province Women’s Centre Conference room in Santo and was facilitated by Dr Stephanie Hanrahan.

The first week of the workshop which took place on the 18th to 22nd March targets coaches while the focus from the 25th to 29th of March from 8am to 12.45pm every day focused on the athletes. After the first week, four coaches went back in the 2nd week to help the athletes cope with the learning.

The New Zealand High Commission generously funded this Life Matters Workshop for Santo. VASANOC sponsored the one for Port Vila as preparation for coaches and athletes that are going to SAM19. Santo did not have enough coaches or athletes going to SAM19, so the Volley4Change Program had to source funding elsewhere.

The workshop facilitated by Dr Hanrahan was to teach mental skills that coaches and athletes can use in sports and in life.

Those who attended the workshop were coaches, athletes, NF’s and others. Overall there were 24 coaches from various sports codes including Beach Volleyball, Indoor Volleyball, Cricket, Boxing, Athletics, Karate, Netball, Para-Athletics, Football, Futsal — from both rural Sanma and urban Luganville. And there were 10 Athletes from Boxing, Karate, Para-Athletics, Futsal who were only from Luganville.

Coaches participating in the Life Matters Workshop said they really love the workshop and they liked learning about goal setting, self-confidence and would really like to have workshop run at least three times a year in Santo.

“I was always told that ‘practice makes perfect’ but I learned this week, that perfect practice, makes perfect performance,” said one of the athletes who partcipated.

Manager for Volley4Change (V4C) in Santo, Sarai Stephens said, “I found that because we offered this ‘Life Matters’ workshop to any sports code, V4C now has more connections with our coaches and athletes across different types of sports here in Santo. Since V4C is about using sports as a vehicle for development, having so many different sports codes will enable us to collaborate with them more for future projects which will help development in so many more of our communities.

“We are truly grateful to the Sports Associations here in Sanma and Luganville that accepted our invitation to attend this workshop and look forward to seeing the impact on their communities and sports clubs.”

Athletes attending the workshop said they learned how to breath correctly and learnt a lot about sport through the activities and games they played during the workshop.

In addition they really enjoyed the games they learned and meeting and making new friends through the activities they did during this workshop.

“We want to convey our sincere appreciation to the ‘New Zealand High Commission Fund Vanuatu’, for funding this workshop and Azure Pure Water for providing a generous supply of 1.5L bottled water for our participants. This helped provide healthy drinking options for our coaches and athletes,” Stephens said.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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