Lanwis bambae hemi no save stoppem mitufala: Poida

Bong Kalo afta we oli kam thru long Hotel Leganes

Long Mande long 7am, Bong Kalo mo koj blong hem, Moise Poida i leko Vanuatu from Spain.

Long Wednesde moning, Kalo tufala i kasem Madrid, Spain, afta we tufala i bin pass thru long Sydney, Hong Kong mo wan 13-haoa flaet long Hong Kong i go kasem Madrid.

Long 12.22pm Vanuatu time, we hemi 3.22am long Madrid, Daily Sport hemi manej blong kasem koj Moise Poida we hemi stap traem blong adjastem ‘biological clock’ blong hem long hotel room, sam haoa afta we oli kasem Madrid.

“Mifala pass thru long airport long Madrid, mo i gat wan man nem blong hem Lucas, wan wokman blong Deportivo Leganes, hemi stap blong welkamem mitufala, mo semtaem hemi karem mitufala i go long Leganes Hotel, hotel blong klab, we mitufala i silip long hem naoia,” Koj Poida i talem.

“Ples i hot blong ded long Madrid,” Kalo i talem. Koj Moise mo Kalo oli stap wet blong sun i kam antap long 3 klok aftanun yestede, Vanuatu taem blong oli karem nekis instraksen i kam long Daerekta blong Leganes we bambae hemi kollem tufala blong givim instraksen se wea mo hao nao bambae Kalo hemi go long camp from trial blong hem.

“Lanwis bambae hemi no save stoppem mitufala,” Koj Poida i talem. Moa aptet long nius blong Kalo bambae i kamaot long pepa


Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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