Pacific Games

Protecting the environment is one of the key components of the Van2017 Games Legacy Plan.

Van2017 took the decisions to commit itself to an Environmental Legacy plan, by using the Pacific Mini Games, as a catalyst for environmental change, by taking some small steps forward, because environmental sustainability is everyone’s business.

On September 9, 2017, Van2017 in collaboration with VASANOC (Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee) are launching an event that encourages kids and youths around Vanuatu to “PROTECT WHAT MATTERS”.

Over 10 sport stations covering several sport disciplines, Basketball, Netball, Athletics, Rowing, AFL, Hockey, Rugby, Table Tennis, Cricket, Aquatics, Volleyball will be set up at the Venue, where up to 400 kids are expected for that event.

It is a half day event, starting from 9 am to 2 PM in the afternoon, and that is not only to lift up the spirit of the sport, but also, to use it as a pathway to advocate for a safe and clean environment.

Our natural environment is what makes Vanuatu beautiful and unique. A celebration of sport combined with a strong message of taking care of our environment: Kipim Vanuatu Klin, that will be taking place at the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu Field, near the Vanuatu Rowing , at Tassiriki area in Port Vila.

Other major components to the Games Environment Plan include reducing /eliminating single-use plastic bags, no polystyrene or Styrofoam, composting food waste, use of biodegradable products, use of eco-friendly cleaning products and tree planting to offset carbon emissions.

As part of its activities centring on environmental issues and developments, Van2017 entered into a collaborative working partnership with Port Vila Municipality to raise environmental and waste management sustainable practices through a collaborative weekly community outreach program in Port Vila.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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