(L-R) Moses Kamut niu ADO mo CEO blong AV, David Patunvanu afta long tufala i saenem kontrak

Chief Executive Officer blong Athletics Vanuatu (AV), David Patunvanu i saenem kontrak wetem niufala Athletics Development Officer (ADO), Moses Kamut long bihaf blong (AV).

Kontrak blong Kamut wetem AV, bambae hemi stap long wan term blong 1 yia.

Funding blong salary i kam thru lo assistens blong Oceancia Athletics Federation thru long developmnt grant blong yia ya 2018.

Responsiblity blong wan ADO hemi blong wok wetem olgeta wan wan provincial lik blong improvum olgeta development program blong olgeta espeseli olgetal lokol kompetisen blong wan wan lik, mo semtaem kontiniu long olgeta kids athletics program we i stap gohed finis long sam secondray skul long Port Vila.

ADO wok blong hem i blong assistem olgeta provincial lik blong setem up gud olgeta athletics klab blong olgeta mekem olgeta rejistresen blong olgeta includum olgeta license fee tu.

Fes wok blong hem noaia i blong organaesem program blong open day blong AV we bambae hemi stap long namba 21 February 2018 long Korman sport complex.

AV i wantem letem everiwan i save se sapos eniwan i gat tingting blong fomem wan athletics klab, oli feel fri blong toktok wetem hem o go lukim eni Executive blong AV long Korman sports complex long olgeta taem blong trening sisen.

Long nara nius, AV i wantem talem bigfala tankio blo hem i go long Acting Director blong Youth and Sports Development mo Ministry, Paul Nalau, blong save givm wan ofis spes i go long AV long Korman Stadium, blong mekem redi olgeta wok blong Vanuatu hemi hostem Melanesian Games mo tu Pacific Youth Olympic Games trial, we bambae hemi stap long namba 9 kasem 11 May long yia ya.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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