Vanuatu Just Play team to meet in Luganville on Thursday 27th February to Tuesday 5th March 2019 and kick start Just Play 2019 activities.

Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) will be holding a 5 days Just Play Coordinator’s Meeting in Luganville, to discuss Just Play programme’s development in VFF member associations (MA). The Coordinator’s Meeting aims to review VFF 2018 Just Play programme and therefore build Vanuatu Just Play team’s understanding and capacity in project management and implementation in 2019.

7 Vanuatu Football Federation MAs will be represented at the meeting. The meeting is schedule from Thursday 28th February to Tuesday 5th March. 17 participants all together will be attending the meeting, which will consist of the programme’s Coordinators, Development Officers, alongside with their assistants. The meeting will be facilitated by Vanuatu Just Play Project Manager Miss. Rorona Kalsakau, Just Play Instructor Mr. Vital Tanemeulip and Just Play Trainer Mr. Benjamin Kalo.

The meeting is supported by the Oceania Football Confederation, the Australian Government, the New Zealand Government, UEFA foundation for children and Unicef. VFF would also like to acknowledge the Ministry of Education, its provincial education office and their respective PEOs for their support towards VFF programme. Extending our word of thanks to Vanuatu Police crime prevention unit, the provincial health departments and centres, the council of chiefs, school head masters, teachers, community volunteers, parents, children attending the [programme and other NGOs that have contributed of the development of the Just Play programme. And we are looking forward to be working with you in continuing with the social, educational and the physical development of the children of our beautiful country, Vanuatu.”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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