Just Play was launched in Vanuatu at the Wilkins Stadium, Lakatoro in Malekua in 2010

Just Play Sport 2 Life program for youth aged 13 to 16, next level after 6-12 Just Play program, will be implemented for the first time in Vanuatu in April 2018 in Port Vila.

VFF (Vanuatu Football Federation) Just Play programme will organize a workshop for Just Play team on the 13th to 17th march 2018 at VFF Office and Teouma Academy.

The main purpose of the workshop is to brief all the just play team about their targets and plan for 2018, and to build and strengthen the capacity of Vanuatu Just Play coordinators. The workshop wll also help the facilitators to to deliver the Just play 6 - 12 programs in their respective Member Association and in program management.

Just Play Vanuatu had shown lots of quality work program implementation and management in 2017 and the previous years, with the support of OFC to implement in 2018 the Just Play Sports 2 Life program. Also to celebrate the achievement throughout 2017.

During the Just Play training, there will 17 participants all together, 6 coordinator, 6 assistant coordinator, 2 administration officer and 3 co-facilitators, Just Play Project Manager, Just Play Local Instructor and Just Play Trainers.

VFF Just Play program would like to acknowledge OFC, AusAid, Football Federation Australia, UEFA Foundation for children and UNICEF for being the main Aid donors for the program. Also not forgetting the Ministry Of Education for their help and support towards the program.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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