FIFA made a call this week to all the Federation Presidents, about a first Transfer Reform Package, to be implemented soon.

"As you might be aware, under the auspices of the Football Stakeholders Committee (FSC), the Task Force Transfer System has been analysing and investigating the broader issues of the current transfer system over the past year in order to provide the FSC with advice, suggestions and recommendations for possible changes or amendments.

"In this respect, a first Transfer Reform Package was endorsed by the FSC at its meeting in London on 24 September 2018, and subsequently also by the FIFA Council in Kigali, Rwanda, on 26 October 2018.

"By means of this circular letter, we would like to address the part of the reform package that concerns the mandatory implementation by all member associations of an electronic domestic transfer system in line with the principles of the model implemented at international level through the transfer matching system (i.e. the ITMS), as well as of an electronic player registration system at national level. This measure will, in particular, allow for the creation of a complete electronic player passport, which is of particular importance for the proper enforcement of the training reward mechanisms available for training clubs.

"To this end, FIFA is offering all its member associations, free of charge, the domestic transfer system (DTMS) for the online management of their national transfers, and the FIFA Connect platform for the electronic registration of all players at national level.

"Obviously, member associations are at liberty to continue using their existing electronic systems at national level, both for the management of national transfers as well as for the electronic registration of their players. In these cases, FIFA will endeavour to take the necessary technical steps in order to create an appropriate interface between the existing national and international systems.

"Please note that the FIFA administration will soon start contacting all member associations in order to commence with the implementation of this important and crucial project, which will contribute to the further professionalisation and development of our game and to a more efficient functioning of the training clubs’ reward systems," FIFA Secretary General, Fatma Samoura said in an email to the Oceania and Vanuatu Football President, Lambert Maltock.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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