Ifira afta we oli kambak long kaontri

Afta long wan saksesful 2017 mo naoia 2018 sisen, Ifira Black Bird Rugby tim hemi gat janis blong go tekem pat long Samoa Independent International 7s tunamen long Samoa.

Samoa Rugby hemi invaetem Ifira olsem jampion klab blong 7s long Port Vila blong go pat long tunamen ya.

Long tunamen Ifira i soem se hemi no wan mistek blong oli invaetem olgeta afta we oli kam blong klemem Bowl Champions taetol, nomata we hemi festaem blong oli plei long wan intanasonal tunamen olsem.

Ifira Rugby Komiti i wantem talem tankio long Ifira Trustees Limited, Bakoa Kaltonga, MP Ephraim Kalsakau, Nato Taiwia mo Ovins Rugby klab from 2 pleia blong Fiji we oli stap plei long klab ya we oli disaed blong follem tim mi go long Samoa.

Kompetisen ya hemi tekem tugeta olgeta jampion klab blong olgeta Melanesian kaontri, mo komiuniti blong Ifira hemi praod long ajivmen blong klab blong olgeta, afta we hemi fes taem oli tekem pat long wan intanasonal tunamen olsem.

Tim hemi kambak finis long kaontri.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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