Vanuatu’s local club “HUKA FC” returned on Wednesday this week, 4th October 2017, after their successful participation in the first ever Melanesian Club Futsal Tournament, held in Suva Fiji from the 25th September to the 2nd October 2017.

The Team Marketing Manager, Mr. Nigel Quai, confirmed that HUKA FC progressed into the finals, after it came first runner up in its pool games, and won the Solomon Islands strong club “Gantimac FC” (with a couple of Solomon Islands national squad players in it), in the semi finals.

In the pool game, HUKA FC had 3 games with the following scores;

HUKA FC (3) – INDO Solo FC (3) - Drew

HUKA FC (5) – Fiji Central Selection (2) – HUKA FC won

HUKA FC (3) – Fiji Southern Forest FC (1) – HUKA FC won

HUKA FC won Solomon islands “Gantimac FC” 7 – 2 in the Semi Final

HUKA FC lost to “INDO Solo FC” 3 – 2 in the Final.

Mr. Quai said HUKA FC’s lost was just a couple minutes before the final whistle. It was a very close lost. Mr. Quai said if the game between HUKA FC and INDO Solo FC, permits more time, HUKA FC may have equalize and may beat their rival club from the Solomon islands, because HUKA FC was dominating the game at the end. INDO Solo FC was motivated by the Solomon Islands “Kurukuru players” that played in the team, such as the assistant captain of Kurukuru, Stevenson George.

Mr. Quai expressed that the highlight of the whole tournament was the semi finals between HUKA FC and the Solomon Islands “Gantimac FC” and the Finals between HUKA FC and INDO Solo FC. These games have drawn the attention of the mega telecommunication company, Fiji Base, Vodafone Ltd, and the Fiji Football Association, to consider formalizing proper futsal league in Fiji. The Vodafone arena (indoor stadium) was packed with the supporters of both teams from Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.

At the closing the Chairman of the organizing committee, Mr. Intiaz Khan confessed that the favorite team of the whole tournament was the Vanuatu HUKA FC. They have shown such skill and class performance against the unbeatable Solomon Islands clubs. Mr. Johnson Vora from the Vanuatu High Commissioners office in Suva, who was also at the finals, between HUKA FC and the INDO Solo FC, said he was amazed and proud by the performance and results of the HUKA FC team in the tournament.

Quai who was the initiator of the tournament, was given the opportunity to say a few words at the closing of the tournament, to appreciate everyone’s effort to make the tournament a very successful one! He believe that the vision for Futsal to become a major sports discipline in the region will be spear headed by the Melanesian Futsal development.

After this tournament, HUKA FC, made a mutual agreement with Gantimac FC from the Solomon Islands, and Combine brothers FC from Fiji, to have a continue annual event between the 3 clubs beginning next year onwards. New Caledonia Futsal Club “Magenta FC” has agreed to join in the tournament next year.

Mr. Quai said the concession of the tournament is for the club level. Which means other clubs from the respective countries in Melanesia are most welcome to participate, under the agreement. Women’s clubs will also be part of this tournament starting next year. This tournament has inspired Solomon futsal to start their women’s futsal league, as well as Fiji. Vanuatu and New Caledonia are well ahead in the development of the women’s Futsal league. The next tournament will be in May 2018, Suva, Fiji.

The main scorers of the HUKA FC, are Samson Hotas, Ben Hungai, Jean Claude Tama, Edward Jr Kasute’e and Donald Avock. The best keeper of the tournament was HUKA FC keeper, Anthony Christopher Quai.

The president of the HUKA FC, Mr Job Andy and the executive want to thank everyone that contributed one way or another to support HUKA FC to participate in this prestigious tournament.

HUKA FC executive confirm that they club will donate 10 cartons of Vanuatu Water to the Ambae Manaro Volcano Port Vila Committee as its contribution towards the affected families of Ambae, from the prize money that they won from the Melanesian Futsal Tournament 2017, in Suva, Fiji.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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