Hot Sauces have their pieces in place – Stop 2 Bred Bank 3x3 Tour

Like a hot sauce in need for fine touches, the Hot Sauces can only become fully operational once all players in the team are confident to know their way around as mates in a team.

The Sauces head into their second part of Stop 2 in the coming Bred Bank 3x3 this weekend with aims that are much bigger than the play offs from Stop 1.

It is playing to showcase the team as a genuine destination for Vira Henzley, Ricky Garae, Riki David, and of course their captain Manoah Moli in the total of the Bred Bank 3x3 10 Stops. Henzley majors in power force and accurate shooting. Their power-drive is in Garae featuring his accurate shots. David is the team’s basketball junkie, performs fine dribbling, and manifests good shooting formation.

The team took on the ABMs last in Bred Bank 3x3 Stop 1 the Elite Men’s Final category, and fell short of 1 count, to rank second.

“The missing element was the issue of confidentially, knowing each other’s play to fit our system,” Hot Sauces Captain Manoah Moli tells Daily Sports.

“ We’ve noted the gap here, and have had our pieces in place and can nurture progress in our next strategy game. This is our first 3x3 game after we formed the team and our heads are up for our next games.”

A brief profile on Captain Moli shows he stands at a height of 2m, or 6’6 ft, is the team’s 3 point shooter in the 5x5, and in the 3x3 is the 2 point shooter, and the high-post figure under the basket. Hailing from Malo island, Santo Moli is single and is 23 years old. His favourite food is laplap yam and roasted chicken.

Successfully nominated to represent Vanuatu Moli participated in the Pacific Youth Leaders All Star U20 September 2016 in Gold Coast, Australia. He represented Vanuatu in the Asian Cup Qualifying Rounds in the 3x3 Basketball, in China in April 2018. When asked what his vision for the future was, he quickly said, “Vanuatu used to participate in the international basketball arena. It is my hope that Vanuatu Basketball must participate in Tokyo2020 Olympic Games in the 3x3 Basketball”.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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