Jack Nasama blong TAFEA- hemi gold metalist blong Javelin blo ol man

TAFEA Provins olsem host provins blong namba 12th Nasonal Gem i stap lidim medal tali wetem wan namba blong 49 medals everiwan.

Namba blong medal ia hemi resal blong medal tally blong dei 4 we hemi long Thursday wik ia.

Long saed blong rankings blong medal tali i lukim TAFEA i stap lid wetem 49 medals (16 Gold) , MALAMPA i stap kam sekon wetem 26 medals (12 gold) everiwan mo namba tri hemi Port Vila wetem wan totol blong 22 medals everywan.

Luganville hemi stap kam namba 4 wetem 17 medals folem wetem SHEFA we hemi gat 19 medals mo SANMA wetm wan totol blong 18 medals, TORBA wetem 6 mo TORBA PENAMA wetm 6 medals.

TAFEA hemi tekem hae namba blong gold metal long saed blong athletics (Trak mo fil even) we i lukim i gat 2 long ol outstanding yangfala athlete we oli winim plante gold medal hemi Simon Charley mo Margret Harry.

Magret hemi wan yangfala athlete we hemi winim gold medal long 1500M, 3000M, 5000M,10,000M mo long Mini- Marathon- 15K.

Simon Charley hemi winim plante gold tu long 3000M, 5000M, 10,000M mo Marathon blong 21K.

Valentine Hello hemi gold medalist blong 800M wetm Dick Kapalu long saed blong ol man blong TAFEA.

Jack Nasawa blong TAFEA hemi ranawei wetm Gold medal long saed blong javelin blong ol man.

Long saed blong Netball i lukim Luganvile hemi winim Gold, SHEFA i tekem sekon ples blong winim Silver mo Port Vila hemi winim namba tri ples blong tekem Bronze medal.

Long Basketbol i lukim Team SHEFA hemi winim Gold, Port Vila — Silver mo SANMA- Bronze. Long saed blong ol woman basketbol i lukim SHEFA hemi winim Gold bagegen, Port Vila- Silver and MALAMPA- Bronze.

Long Futbol Semi faenol blong ol woman i lukim TAFEA hemi bin winim SANMA long 3 goals to 1. Mo nara match i lukim Port Vila hemi winim Lugnaville long 11-Hemia i minim se bambae Port Vila hemi go long faenol wetem TAFEA.

Long futbol blong ol man bambae Luganville hemi ple wetm Port Vila.

Long beach volleyball blong ol man i lukim Port Vila hemi winim Gold, Luganville hemi winim sekon ples blong ranawe wetm silver mo SANMA hemi winim namba tri ples wetm bronze medal.

Long saed blong ol woman bij volley i lukim TAFEA i winim Gold, Port Vila i winim Silver mo SHEFA i winim Bronze medal.

Long Karate, bambae faenol hemi tekem ples long tetei wetem Futbol blong ol man mo ol woman. Final Trophy blong olgeta woman mo man futbol, bambae jeaman blong pablik seves komisen, Mr. Martin Mahe nao bambae hemi stap sponsorem Final trophy blong olgeta man mo women long futbol.

Namba 12 nasonal gem hemi witnisem tu long fes taem we Para spot hemi patisipet long gem.

Long saed blong Para Javelin i lukim Ken Kahu blong SHEFA hemi winim Gold mo Mathias Nakat blong TAFEA hemi winim 400M mo 100M long saed blong Para 100M blong ol man. Noella Roberts’s hemi winim 100M mo 400M para long saed blong ol woman.

Over long 3,000 kasem 5,000 man i stap kam in blo wajem gem everi dei.

Klosing ceremoni bambae hemi happen long tetei namba 11th blong manis Mei long Laminu Stadium lo Tanna mo blong bambae oli ofisieli anaosem nekis hos blong nex nasonal gem.

Klosing ceremony bambae hemi happen stat long 1 klok we bambae i lukim ol athlete oli stat blong parade long Lenakel Maket haos kasem long Laminu Stadium we bambae ol ofisiol spij i kamaot long hem mot u blong gat official dekleresen blong closing blong gems.

Ol athletes bambambae oli stap travel out long sand emo long wik we i stap kam.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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