The Vanuatu Hockey Federation have visited Tanoliu Primary School yesterday Wednesday 11th of July to continue their outreach program with the school children.

The Hockey federation has been very busy with their training’s in the past weeks towards their ‘World Series Round One' tournament this year 2018. This event is an official Olympic Qualifier, which if Vanuatu Hockey win, they will compete in a 11 a side competition in the Asia- Pacific Region to try and qualify for the Olympics.

With plenty of event still on the way that does not stop nor interrupt their outreach program, as the hockey players with the company of Flinders University students from South Australia made their way to other Primary schools located at the North west of Efate.

Vanuatu Hockey Federation have visited 3 primary schools which is located at the North west side of Efate, these schools are Mangaliliu School, Tanouliu Primary School and a Primary School located at Moso Island.

At Tanoliu Primary School a group of Flinders University students have demonstrate some of their skills and rules of hockey to the children. Not only that they have put a lot of effort and hard work in getting the students together and involving everyone in each activities planned out during that day.

School children from class 5 and 6 are the ones selected to participate in the hockey program, this is because they can understand and listen to the coaches when they explained the rules to them. There were 28 students altogether from class 5-6 at the Tanoliu Primary School, that a view of them for the first time had just played hockey.

Some of the best hockey players that are in the U19 Hockey Squad to compete in the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina on October are living in Tanoliu Village in Efate. With their involvement in this sport have grasped the attention and interest of their fellow family members and also men, women, youths and Children in their community to continue play hockey.

Wan Smol Bag Yut Centa is behind this hockey outreach program which is taking place every Wednesday throughout the schools on Efate.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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